Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Camp Kaitawa

On Wednesday  we did Master Chef and we had to
cook something with 3 vegeis.So my group made soup and chips and I did not like  soup.

On Tuesday we went to this
type  of creek and the crazy thing
was jumping over the wide part and fell in and 
it  was very cold.

On Thursday, we went kayaking and we went caving.  The  challenging thing was getting stuck in the trees at the edge of the Lake and me and Georgia  were  terrified.

This is when we did Fear Factor
and I got a prawn and chocolate
with marmite and a sardine.

RileyGwen and I are sitting
on the rock, with us pointing  to
a  message,

This is me and Georgia and 2 others
that are my friends that came along. We were  at the pipelines.

This is  me at Onepoto caves trying  to get out of the tight

My favourite part was going caving because I like the dark caves and I was in group 2.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Diamante Poem By Erin

WALT entertain the reader - Diamantes are diamond-shaped poems ‘that contrast’ `two nouns.
Success Criteria:
Step 1:  Think of two nouns that are complete opposite of each other.  Write one on Line 1 and the other on Line 7.
Step 2:  On Line 2, write two adjectives that describe the noun on Line 1.
Step 3:  On Line 3, write three “-ing” words (verbs) that relate to Line 1.
Step 4:  On Line 4, write a short phrase about line 1 and line 7.
Step 5:  On Line 5, write three “-ing” words (verbs) that relate to Line 7
Step 6:  On Line 6, write two adjectives that describe the noun on Line 7.
Step 7:  On Line 7 you will have your noun that you thought of in Step 1.

Frosty, bright
Skiing, snowball fighting, sledding
Icicles and snowflakes, family holidays
Swimming, suntanning, sweltering
Hot, sunny

Now have a go at writing your own diamante poem.  

Fluffy, cuddly
Playing, meowing, scratching
Jumping on furniture,... peering all day
Barking, snoring, drooling
Cute, furry

Friday, September 9, 2016


Purpose: to entertain
Success Criteria
  1. Subject
  2. 2 adjectives (describing words) to tell about the subject
  3. 3 verbs (interesting doing words) ending in ‘ing’ that also tell about the subject
  4. A phrase to tell about how the subject feels or what it does
  5. A word describing the first line or choose another adjective

Cute, cuddly
Barking, waiting, drooling
Sad while he waits

Bulldog about to sleep

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Camp I missed.

Here is my best friend wearing those shoes  and the watermelon shorts with the leopard pants.   
These are the the water shoes that  they had to wear  because if they stand on a  sharp rock it will hurt them.
This is my friends box car and  they put a lot of effort into them.
This is a very hard challenge to do.
Piper pulling a funny face it made me laugh.
Piper B.JPG

Piper B.JPG

This is the front of Piper box car.
This is Piper on the kayaks

Monday, November 30, 2015

Sunday, November 29, 2015


I am learning to manage my own fitness. We have been learning to skip for fitness.

Sunday, November 1, 2015