Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Camp Kaitawa

On Wednesday  we did Master Chef and we had to
cook something with 3 vegeis.So my group made soup and chips and I did not like  soup.

On Tuesday we went to this
type  of creek and the crazy thing
was jumping over the wide part and fell in and 
it  was very cold.

On Thursday, we went kayaking and we went caving.  The  challenging thing was getting stuck in the trees at the edge of the Lake and me and Georgia  were  terrified.

This is when we did Fear Factor
and I got a prawn and chocolate
with marmite and a sardine.

RileyGwen and I are sitting
on the rock, with us pointing  to
a  message,

This is me and Georgia and 2 others
that are my friends that came along. We were  at the pipelines.

This is  me at Onepoto caves trying  to get out of the tight

My favourite part was going caving because I like the dark caves and I was in group 2.


  1. Great Erin i love how you said trying to get out of the tight cave also the part that i loved most was master cheif you described it really well Great Job!

  2. wow Erin you are a good describer especially when you said you had to climb out of a tight cave well done.

  3. I love your describing and the colour in your letters (:

  4. I like how you set out your writing and all the describing in your writing.

  5. i sounds like you had a good time with your freinds

  6. Hi Erin, its Christina here,
    Looks like you had fun at camp Kaitawa. In master chef what place did you come?